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Atlee manufactures standard and custom clips for components with diameters ranging from 5/32" to 1-3/4". Atlee metal component holders and spring clips provide maximum holding power under extreme usage. Atlee can meet MIL-SPEC and NAS requirements. Clips are available in a variety of materials and finishes.
Atlee Product Line Atlee Benefits
Spring Clips Large Inventory
Horizontal Crystal Clips  
Vertical Crystal Clips High Volume Tooling
Tab Mounted Clips  
No-Twist Clips Strict Quality Control Standards
Locking Clips  
Transistor Clips Complete Internal Order Tracking
Fuse and Resistor Holders  
Industrial Component Holders  
Application Data
Maximum Grip: Maximum grip or retention force against shock is obtained using a component of the nominal diameter for which the holder was designed.
Minimum Diameters: Component holders and clips specify a minimum diameter component that can be held. The retention force at this level is at a minimum. It is no more than sufficient to hold a component lightly in a static condition.
Fragile Components: For fragile components, use clips of a lighter weight material or clips with slots. Slots add contact points to the component diameter and reduce longitudinal motion.
Vibration: To avoid resonant frequencies below 2000 CPS in component clips having a nominal diameter larger than 1/2", use an increasingly heavier material.
Oversize Components: Components with diameters approaching the holder's maximum specified diameter can be used in standard (heavy) clips, only if the component case is relatively strong. Depending on whether you have to meet a 2000 CPS frequency, the alternate solutions are:
  1. Use a slotted or lighter weight clip.
  2. Use the next size larger standard clip.

Atlee component holders and clips are made in a variety of materials. Because they afford the most generally desirable combination of properties, spring steel and beryllium copper are most commonly used. Specific selection of material will depend on conditions of the application. The following table summarizes comparative factors. Requests for recommendations will be promptly answered.
Material Cost Strength Thermal Conductivity Electrical Conductivity Corrosion Resistance Wear Resistance Heat Treatable
Spring Steel Low Medium Low Medium Low Fair Yes
Beryllium Copper Medium-High High High Excellent High Excellent Yes
Phosphor Bronze Low Low High Excellent High Fair No
Brass Medium Medium High Good Low Fair No
Anodized Aluminum Medium Low High Excellent High Fair No
The following table lists the available finishes and information on test results indicating relative resistance to salt spray corrosion.
Finish Resistance
Cadmium Chromate (Golden) 96 hour salt spray
Silver (Tarnish Resistant) 48 hour salt spray
Cadmium Chromate (Clear) 50 hour salt spray
Silver (unprotected) Tarnishes easily
Nickel 48 hour salt spray
Silver Rhodium 48 hour salt spray
Black Matte 50 hour salt spray
Hot Tin Dip 24 hour salt spray
Electro Tin 24 hour salt spray

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