Center Mount Flared End Miniature Applications Printed Circuit Board Holder

Note: .005 thick material is standard.
Dimension L tolerance is ±.02.
Dimension M tolerance is ±.005.
See How To Order for specific material, finish and configuration.

Center Mount Flared End Miniature Applications Features

1.  Heavy duty .010 thick material is standard.

2.  High retention of printed circuit board under sever shock and vibration.

3.  Easily installed by welding or riveting.

4.  Quick and simply board insertion and withdrawal.

5.  Rigidly mounts printed circuit board in racks and other types of assemblies.

Government Specifications

Materials: Stainless Steel (MIL-S-5059) or Beryllium Copper (QQ-C-533)
Plating: Cadmium (QQ-P-416), Silver (QQ-S-365), Zinc (QQ-Z-325), Electroless Nickel (MIL-C-26074)

Finishes Available

Standard: Beryllium Copper – Cadmium Chromate (Golden) and Stainless Steel – Passivate
Optional: Electroless Nickel, Silver (Tarnish Resistant), Zinc

How To Order

Part Number Coding