Spring Clip

Spring Clip Material:  Beryllium Copper
Standard Plating:  Cadmium Chromate (Golden)
Other Material and Finishes Available

Spring Clip

Spring Clip, Spring Tension Clip, Component Holders, Fuse Clip, Resistor Clip, Capacitor clip, Battery clip

We can manufacture or produce functional equivalents for the following Spring Clip part numbers/manufacturers.  Most Spring Clip items in Stock.

Augat Spring Clips  |  Spring Clip:  NAS1464, NASM24066, M24066, M17160, MS28136, MS28137, MS21316

Also Part #s Beginning with:  4521, 4522, 4523, 4524, 4525, 4526, 4527, 4528, 4529, 4530



Spring Clip Application Data

Atlee 100-200 Series and 100-300 Series component holders are specified when an approximately cylindrical component, of a diameter within the range covered in the series, must be secured in an assembly without depending on solder leads. Examples of such components are resistors, capacitors, small cylindrical devices of any sort where electrical connection is not made through the holder itself. Attachment of the holder to the mounting surface is by means of rivets, eyelets, screws and nuts, or similar fasteners. If the application requires excessive insertion-withdrawals, 100-300 Series component holders are recommended.

Spring Clip Features

1.  The design of Atlee component holders, from raw material through finished product, ensures maximum performance and reliability under extreme usage, insertion, withdrawal force, and shock and vibration.

2.  Holding power increases as shock and vibration increase, measured by force required to remove component.

3.  Special contour design acquires closer set to component during shock and vibration, increasing security without localized pressure.

4.  Slotted design ensures firm retention of fragile components without risk of damage.

5.  As an indication of the spring characteristics of Atlee component holders, all of which are heat treated after forming, the following data is supplied:
-Spring Steel will withstand over 100 insertion-withdrawals of a slug 1/32″ larger than nominal diameter, without metal fatigue.
-Beryllium Copper will withstand over 500 insertion-withdrawals of a slug 1/32″ larger than nominal diameter, without metal fatigue.

Government Specifications

Material: 100-300 Series – Beryllium Copper (QQ-C-533), 100-200 Series – Spring Steel (MIL-S-46049)
Plating: Cadmium (QQ-P-416), Silver (QQ-S-365), Zinc (QQ-Z-325), Tin (MIL-T-10727), Nickel (QQ-N-290), Electroless Nickel (MIL-C-26074), Black Matte (MIL-F-495)

Finishes Available

Standard: Cadmium Chromate (Golden)
Optional: Cadmium Chromate (Golden), Silver (Tarnish Resistant), Cadmium Chromate (clear), Silver, Nickel, Black Matte, Hot Tin Dip, Electro Tin