Material: Beryllium Copper
Standard Plating: Electro Tin
Other Material and Finishes Available

Note: All dimensions are with clip secured to flat surface as normally mounted with component of nominal diameter in place.
Parts are shipped with tabs bent down at 60°.

Clips below are listed by increasing length (U)

Tab Mounted Clips Application Data

Atlee tab-mounted clips are designed for use with printed circuit boards, to provide firm holding of capacitors, resistors, relays, and similar cylindrical components against shock and vibration. Attachment of the clip to the board is be means of integral tabs which pass through the board and clinch against its lower surface. Tabs are annealed to take 5 90° bends without breaking.

Tab Mounted Clips Features

1.  Designed for manual or automatic assembly.

2.  Mounting tabs spaced for 3/64″ diameter holes on 0.1″ grids.

3.  No visible shifting of component under vibration at 500 CPS with 90 G peak acceleration, and 2000 CPS with 65 G peak acceleration.

4.  No visible shifting of component during impact shocks of 200 G at right angles to and also along the axis of the component holder.

5.  Holding power increases as shock and vibration increase, measured by force required to remove component.

6.  Special contour design acquires closer set to component during shock and vibration, increasing security without localized pressure.

7.  Will withstand over 500 insertion-withdrawals of a slug 1/32″ larger than nominal diameter, without metal fatigue.

TabGovernment Specifications

Material: Beryllium Copper (QQ-C-533)
Plating: Plating: Cadmium (QQ-P-416), Silver (QQ-S-365), Zinc (QQ-Z-325), Tin (ASTM B545), Nickel (QQ-N-290), Electroless Nickel (MIL-C-26074), Black Matte (MIL-F-495)

Finishes Available

Standard: Electro Tin
Optional: Cadmium Chromate (Golden), Silver (Tarnish Resistant), Cadmium Chromate (clear), Silver, Nickel, Black Matte, Hot Tin Dip, Electro Tin